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Maureen "Annie" Patrick I-ACT

Annie is an Internationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapist of Lifestream Colon Hydrotherapy Institute of Austin, TX. She is an experienced lifestyle coach. Actively involved in holistic care for over 22 years she is the founder of Healthy YOU Wellness Center.


  • Holistic Fields

    • Bemer IBD of Spokane, WA

    • Holistic Dental Center of Spokane, WA

    • Certified mentor instructor for home care aides

    • Full Life Care in Seattle, WA

    • 30+ years Osha training and compliance 

    • 30+ years BLS certified


Community Pride and Volunteer Work

Annie is the Spokane Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price foundation, a non-profit organization. She attends health forums regularly comprised of thought leaders and doctors. This is a platform in which she constantly exercises her naturally born sense of being a learner and teacher - gaining her the respect of the highly proficient health professionals in Spokane, WA. The profound wisdom of “Food As Medicine” is a passion she shares with her community. With the WAPF she works to educate future generations of the Wise Traditions often forgotten or lost in this day and age. 

Spokane Native

Annie grew up in the Spokane community in a large family. Her father suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis and eventually Alzheimer's leaving her to care for him as well as her sister. Her sister was born mentally disabled and suffered a stroke at the age of 8 leaving her with left-sided paralysis and gastrostomy tube-fed . These incidences lead Annie to be a caregiver at the very young age of 18 and grew to be her passion in later years.


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