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Healthy You!
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Colon Hydrotherapy-Bemer -

Infrared Sauna-Education

Boosting your immunity through detox

Colon Hydrotherapy

$120 w complimentary Bemer

Rocky River

The greatest number of immune cells come from our Gi-tract. So a healthy gut microbiome is essential to the immune system. Colon Hydrotherapy helps eliminate  bad bacteria and microbes from the colon. Allowing the good bacteria and immune system boosting microbes to flourish. 

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  • 95% of diseases and health problems can be traced back to insufficient circulation. 

  • Microcirculation is crucial to immune system functions as it is responsible for all blood-borne hormones & nutrients to the tissue cells.

  •  Bemer can improve blood flow at the final destination of the cardiovascular system. 

  • All cells, especially immune cells need the same three things oxygen, nutrition and waste removal.   

  • BEMER is scientifically proven to help increase blood circulation up to 30%. Resulting in a efficiently healing body that feels more energetic.

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Infrared Sauna


Woman in a Sauna

Infrared Saunas are used to help boost & reinforce the immune system. During a  session, the body’s temperature increases to an artificial, fever-like state. A fever is the body’s natural defense to combat bacterial & viral pathogens, which cannot survive at higher temperatures. When fighting off fevers, colds, influenza or other common diseases, sitting in a sauna helps to relieve congestion and minor respiratory discomforts. 

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Tea and Supplements

Tea Set

Well researched, quality supplements from Vitality Works, Thorne, Dr. Mercola and many more. Find your bodies natural balance with proven side kicks to help you in your journey.


Try Carla's lovely tea blends to nourish your body and soul. Mostly locally grown and wlidcrafted. 

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Here to Serve You and Live by Example

Synergistic detox therapies
with nutritional support

As an extension of our detox and weight loss program, we coach step-by-step what nutrient dense foods will provide the best results.


Re-introducing wise traditions in detox & nourishment. Food as medicine restores damaged cells and replenishes energy. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and with a sense of well being. 



A High Standard of Care

Lavender Fields

Family Medicine 

Comprehensive Care

Through Every Stage of Life

As people grow and change, so do their healthcare needs. Our multi-disciplinary approach to healing grows with you, supporting your resilience and vitality through every stage of life.

Food as medicine plays a crucial role in raising happy, robust children who reach their full potential. Digestive support & detox are integral parts of our highly effective senior replenishing plans.

Integrative Services

       Our ultimate goal with our Integrative Services at Healthy YOU is to rejuvenate the body by removing dependence on artificial substances such as refined sugars, carbohydrates, and GMO foods. Diminish and potentially eliminate the necessity for  medications (under doctor supervision.) Restore the body’s own natural equilibrium. All cells need the same 3 things: nutrients, oxygen & waste removal,  in order to produce enough energy every day to run our body's immune, lymphatic & cardiovascular system.. Our holistic healing methodology includes all aspects of you,

body, mind & spirit.

Your Comprehensive Journey to Wellness

Autumn Forest

Carla Martinez


The newest member of Healthy You Wellness Center, Carla has extensive knowledge of herbal medicine with two herbal practitioner certifications and 20 years professional experience. She is the new owner of Healthy You and a Colon Hydrotherapy Therapist with certification from the Las Vegas School of Colon Hydrotherapy.

731 W Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99205, USA

(Same address as Holistic Dental Center)

(509) 724-2391

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